Sweet Bernardine

Tres Pescadores 2013 

a hauntingly nostalgic vocalist, imperative guitarist and literate, detail-rich songwriter,
do yourself a favor
Gary von Tersch, Sing Out

a must, not only for anyone seeking a sublime set of songs, but for those whose notion of 
Americana has to ring of the real thing.
Lee Zimmerman, No Depression

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Shelter Valley Blues

Tres Pescadores 2009

Years from now writers will refer to this as “his career album.” In case I'm not around to do it, I'll just do it here. He's had a long and storied career and worked with music royalty in several genres, this feels like something The Band would have done early in their career.”   
– Blll Lavery/Village Records

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AIM 1999/ 
Rereleased as "Bound for Trouble" 
Tres Pescadores 2006

Shea is to interior California what Joe Ely is to West Texas, two pinches of old Mexico, a blast of exhaust from the boss man's Suburban and a baseline of working stiff desperation…and the best goddamn country voice since Merle hisself. **** Four stars!
– Jackson Griffith/Pulse Magazine 

Marvelous…covers the gamut of folk, gospel, blues, country and even some Mexican idioms … each song crafted with distinctive freshness and originality and to top it off, Shea's caramel baritone is as beautifull and resonant as hismulti-string virtuosity is awe-inspiring…**** Four stars! 
– Bob Strauss / LA Daily News

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Our Shangri LA

Rick Shea & Patty Booker
Tres Pescadores
Released 2003 

…an updated and simmering version of West Coast honky-tonk…
– Andy Turner/No Depression

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Trouble and Me

Rick Shea & Brantley Kearns
Tres Pescadores
Released 2002

Shea and Kearns are both enthralling singers and equally exciting instrumentalists, there is something quintessentially Californian in Shea's bittersweet voice, Trouble and Me is stunningly good.
– Paul E.Comeau/Dirty Linen

One of them small gems of an album…Shea and Kearns have plenty of elbow room to show their musical chops, which they do in spades.
– Dan Ferguson/3rd Coast 

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